Foot Fetish Mistress Cams MistressVivian

Mistress Live camsMistressVivian is a foot mistress that likes to make her slaves clean between her toes. In some of the fetish webcams I have gone through with her, she has used her feet to jerk off a dildo or something along those lines. She likes to get me hard to the point that I’m about to burst, and then she ends the footjob fantasy to teach me discipline. I think I did get the chance to cum one time, but then she just chastised me for not being able to contain myself. She’s a very demanding woman.

MistressVivian is also a boot mistress. In some of the fetish webcams I’ve had with her, she’s worn knee high boots that just make me beg to see those perfect toes of hers. If I’m a good slave, she’ll show me those toes and make me describe how the dirt and flesh tastes in my mouth. It’s degrading, but then again, that’s what fetish cams are all about.

There are a decent amount of redheads on fetish cams nowadays, but there is something different about MistressVivian. She’s got auburn hair that gives her more of an evil seductress look, rather than a fiery flamethrower. She’s the type of dominatrix that could lure a man into a cave and then whip him until he spewed blood the same color as her hair. She just has a unique style, and I love that about her.

Her toes are always painted when she reveals them, and I know sometimes she makes her dominatrix cam slaves pretend to be painting her toes when she needs a new coat of polish. She will proceed to paint her toes as the slaves do to paint a full picture of what would be going on at the time.

MistressVivian does not like to wait for slaves to get toys, cuffs, gags, or anything else, so make sure you come prepared. She will basically shoot directly into a round of torture whenever you get into a chat room with her, so prepare for a blow of abuse. That’s usually what slaves want from their fetish cam mistresses though, so I doubt you will have much to complain about.

I enjoyed my time with MistressVivian as a whole, and I think most pets would as well. I can’t make any predictions for your slave training, but I think MistressVivian is worth at least some attention. Check her out and see what happens.

Strict mistress cams VeryBadLady

Serious mistress webcamsVeryBadLady is, well, a very bad lady. She is a boot mistress that hosts mistress cams for slaves who want to worship her feet and be a part of her sex games. She is young, hot, and bitchy as they come. Perfect mistress cam woman if you ask me.
One of the first things you may notice about VeryBadLady is her lips. They are thick, juicy, red, and tempting as can be. I sometimes find myself thinking about her at night, wishing those lips we wrapped around…um, let’s not go there.
VeryBadLady almost always wears a choker to emphasize her neck, and she tells her slaves to do the same so she can keep them on a leash. She has leashes, handcuffs, and other toys like that in her mistress cams that she uses to illustrate how she would punish her slaves in real life. She knows how to work with them too, so you would never be able to escape her grasp if she did get a hold of you in real life. You can use that knowledge to fuel your mistress cam imagination.
When VeryBadLady is acting as a boot mistress, she has this one pair of boots that are the definition of sexy. They go up over her knees and have a really high heel at the bottom. She usually wears them with a pair of tight leather pants that show all of her curves without actually revealing them at all. She has a killer body if you get a chance to take a peek at it.
VeryBadLady can mold herself into any mistress you may want. She has many different outfits to change into, so she can she can fulfill your fantasies pretty easily. Of all the mistress cams I have seen, she has to be the one that I remember the most for versatility. She can abuse and tease anyone that comes into her mistress webcams – even you.
I’d recommend VeryBadLady to any slave out there. She may work better for a slave interested in heels or boots, but she can fit into any fantasy if you let her know what you like. That will be the only time that your opinion matters, of course, but you should know that going in as a slave. If you need a little slave training though, she can provide you with that as well. You will be a loyal pet to her in no time.

Mistressschatze fetish cam mistress with a HARD whip!

Strict mistress camMistressschatze is an amazing woman to be a slave under. I’ve seen her a few different times, and every time she has something new to offer me. It’s like I’m a slave to a series of women all at once, but I am pleasing the same vagina through a fetish webcam every time. I love the variety, and more importantly, I love my mistress.

Mistressschatze wears a lot of wigs to portray different dominatrices. Her real hair is short and dark I think, but she has a long brown wig, a short blonde wig, and an assortment of other hats and stuff to wear. I’ve never seen her in the same outfit twice, and she looks stunning in everything she wears. I can’t complain about anything at all.

She seems to have her cam sessions in different places in her house. I’ve been sitting with her in a chair or in various parts of her bedroom. I like the fact that she changes things up. It keeps every fetish cam chat entertaining. I know some mistresses can get predictable, but I can’t say that about Mistressschatze. She keeps her slaves guessing every step of the way. I wish could find mistress cams liek this one every day to be a slave and a loser or just to be controlled on webcam all day long!

I don’t really want to tell a lot of stories from my time with Mistressschatze because those are private moments that I alone want to cherish. I can say that she has this red and black feather boa that I really like because she can do so much with it. Sometimes she will forcefully wrap it around the cam or an object and act like it is a leash, and other times she will twist and snap it like it is a whip. Feathers go flying all over the place afterward, and they always make me want her even more for some reason. She has a spell on me. That’s for damn sure.

It’s hard for me to recommend Mistressschatze to other people because I want her all to myself. That is selfish of a slave to say though, so I will promote her willingly in the fetish cam community. She is a chameleon of a mistress cam, changing for every slave to suit his fantasies at the time. She could easily work for yours just like she does for mine.

I think that’s about it for now. I just have to prep for my next round for Mistressschatze webcam mistress. She said I needed to have a thick rope and needle nosed pliers. Who the fuck knows what those will be for…

MistressRita strict chubby mistress cam with a nice whip!

BBW MistressAlright, a little background info about me: I’m a very scrawny guy, probably 5’6″ and 110 pounds to be exact. I work at an IT firm, and I am the quintessential nerd that most people pick on. I’m not telling a sob story. I’m damn proud of this. The weakness makes me a perfect slave, especially because I cry easily. All I had to do was find a good mistress to dominate me.

MistressRita is mistress cam that fit my needs for a fetish webcam mistress to a T. She’s a hefty woman, with large breasts and meat on her legs like woman is supposed to have. I knew from the second I laid eyes on her that she was going to be able to take care of me. She was the kind of woman I had been searching for for a long time.

The main reason I looked for mistress cam like  MistressRita is because I wanted a dom to be able to fulfill my boot fetish, and she had massive boots on for our first session. They went up over her knees, and they laced up just like combat boots. I could just picture her rubbing them on my body and stomping around me as I cried in panic. She even stomped around the camera a few times to make me hear what those boots could do. They were loud and powerful, just like her.

She had a little switch in her hand that she used during our fetish webcam chat to threaten me. If I said something without her asking me to, she would smack it violently against whatever she had around me to show me how much pain it would cause me. She scared the shit out of me, and she even made me pee my pants a bit. Then she made fun of me for that, and I felt even more like a worthless slave who didn’t deserve to have her.

We didn’t talk about having another fetish cam chat, but I would love to see her again. I think I’ll try to talk to her again the next time she comes on. I have a lot of slave training left to go. I’m a good student though, and she’s a damn good teacher. She makes fun of my size, from my body to my dick. Hopefully I can please her properly someday. I’m certainly willing to try, if she will let me.

MSITRESSKYLLINA serious latex mistress on webcam

MISTRESSKYLLINA is my favorite mistress cam model. I have been with many others in the past, but most of them only excited me enough for one or two sessions. That is not the case with MISTRESSKYLLINA. I think I’ve seen her five or six times now, and I don’t see myself getting out of her slave holding any time soon. I’ve given her tons of money so far, and I would give her tons more. I would literally go bankrupt if MISTRESSKYLLINA demanded me to.

MISTRESSKYLLINA is a busty mistress, and she knows how to use her massive breasts to tease her slaves during her mistress cam sessions. She runs a long whip in between them to create the illusion of a cock sliding in and out of them, but she rarely pulls them all the way out. She says I’m not good enough for her to see her breasts in full form – that I haven’t proven myself as a slave yet. I have to work to earn that, and I’m not sure I ever will.

On top of having a fantastic bust, MISTRESSKYLLINA has sleek, long nails that she keeps in perfect condition. I have a big nail fetish, and I also have a foot fetish. She can act as both a nail mistress and a boot mistress for me all at once. She likes to take her nails and run them up and down her boots, and that literally makes me drool during out fetish cam sessions. I want so badly to taste her in person.

She has a lot of hand tools that she uses in her cam chats, and she likes to illustrate what they would do to my cock if I was there in person to take the punishment. I never know what she is going to do or what she is going to say, but she has taught me to never ask questions, no matter what. Slaves don’t get to ask questions. They just take what their mistress has to give.

Overall, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my time with MISTRESSKYLLINA. It has been dirty, degrading, humiliating, and arousing all at the same time. I haven’t looked for another mistress cam model since I first met her, and hopefully I will never have to look for another one again.  I like being a slave to this woman, and only this woman. I love this fetish cam performer and if you just are a fetish webcams addict then I truly sugges you to pay a visit to this live webcam dominatrix!

A cam mistress for all the human toilet slaves

Mistress CamI have a secret fetish for being a human toilet. I’ve never had the chance to do that in real life, but I have had the chance to do that virtually, thanks to MistressBitch. She is my first toilet mistress on webcam, and she may actually be the only one I go to from now on. I just don’t think I will find a human toilet mistress out there that is as good at what she does as MistressBitch.

She keeps her body locked up during her cam sessions. Her breasts stay firm in her small leather bikini top, and her pussy stays in place with her strapped leather thong. Sometimes she wears fishnets and sometimes she doesn’t. It depends on if she is acting as a toilet mistress for her cam slave or if she has something else in mind at that time. She has a whip that she likes to use when she thinks that a slave is not understanding her at the time. I’ve been whipped through the camera a few times myself.

When she is playing the role of a human toilet mistress cam, she will undo the strap on her underwear that runs down her butt crack so her pussy and asshole can be exposed to actually defecate her human toilet. She changes the position of the webcam from time to time when she actually uses the human toilet, but she will ultimately ask me to hold my mouth open to the cam so she can shit or piss inside. I sit there with my mouth open wishing I could take it all in for real.

MistressBitch is not just a toilet mistress cam. She is also a facesitting mistress and a nail mistress. Sometimes before she uses me as a human toilet, she will use me like a personal sex toy. Then I have to stick out my tongue while she grinds her clit on something around her. When she is being a nail mistress cam lady, she will glide her red nails along the handle of her whip or even on the floor so that I can hear how sharp and seductive her nails are.

There is no denying that MistressBitch is beautiful, and she is good enough to be anyone’s queen if he wanted to be a slave like me. I want nothing more than to please her and to be denied pleasure in return. She can provide that for me. If you love mistress cams or fetish cams then please visit this live mistress cam to satisfy all of your cam slave needs

Nail mistress cam ready to abuse you

Live mistress camMistress fits her name perfectly. She is a very demanding mistress cam, and she knows how to use a whip like no one I have ever seen. I’ve had many chats with this mistress webcam in the past, and I keep coming back to her because she is the best nail  mistress on cam I have ever been a slave to. She knows how to abuse a man through a nail mistress cam chat, and she can make me feel completely humiliated in a matter of minutes. It’s a painfully erotic experience that I have grown to crave.

I remember one of my fetish webcam sessions with Mistress that involved her actually cutting a banana in half using her whip. She slashed at it so hard that it fell apart, and she told me that would be my cock if I was a bad boy. She whips all kinds of stuff in our chat sessions, from fruit to pillows and beyond. I love hearing the sound of that whip crack back. It makes me crave having her by me.

She uses her nails like miniature knives in the middle of our nail mistress cam chat sessions. She likes to lick on them and have me imagine that I am there licking instead. Sometimes she will stroke on the end of her whip as if it is a dick and ask me if it turns me on. When I say yes, she whips at the camera and says I’m not allowed to be turned on. It sucks, but I love it.

She likes to make fun of my dick size a lot. She’s the only nail mistress I have ever had that has actually made me feel like I had a small penis. She says it’s pathetic, worthless…that it couldn’t even pop a cherry if it needed to. She says I’m not worthy of ever having sex with her in real life, and let’s face it: I’m not.

Right now I actually have scheduled orgasms that Mistress dictates for me. I’m not allowed to cum for at least a week, and if I do, I am not allowed to see her for a full week. That is more torture than the blue balls ever could be.

I love being a slave to this nail mistress, and I have already devoted myself to cam sessions with her for many months in the future. I would gladly recommend her abuse to anyone looking to be a slave.

MissVenomXX will have a smoke on webcam and punish you

Smoking MistressWhew! Man was that amazing. I just got done with my first mistress cam chat with MissVenomXX, and I’m horny as fuck now. Single-handedly the best looking mistress I have ever been a slave to, and her training techniques are magnificent. She smokes, she talks dirty, and she makes me feel like a complete piece of shit. She’s just…awesome. Fucking awesome.

I guess I should give you a breakdown of what went on with the mistress cam session I just had. It started off pretty standard. She was lying on a bed showing me the boots she had on. I couldn’t see any part of her body because she had it covered in this hot leather suit that I had never seen before. The heels of her boots were extremely high, and she sort of teased me with them right from the start.

She asked me a little bit about myself and why I wanted to talk to her. Bla bla bla. Then she told me that was the last time she wanted me to talk for the whole session. I was to be her slave, and I was to do what she wanted me to do. Plain and simple.

She pushed her boots to the cam and told me she wanted me to lick them. Then she pushed her ass to the cam and told me to do the same thing. I continued to lick the air as she put different body parts near the webcam, and then she pushed her pussy right in front of me. She said she was horny and that she was going to suffocate me with her pussy as I ate her out. She grinded on the cam for awhile until she finally pulled it away and said I was being a good little slave.

She started smoking at some point in time, but I can’t really remember when. She asked me if I wanted to smoke, but then she denied me the chance to. She said she would burn my arm if I was there with her, and then she put out her cigarette on the table, pressing it in to mimic what she would do to my skin.

I know I’ll be back for more with MissVenomXX. She is a fantastic woman to serve. I don’t have fetish webcam chats very often, but this has to be the best one I have had by a landslide. This is one satisfied slave right here.

MissBetty mature mistress with boot fetish

Mature MistressI’m a 21 year old guy, and I’ve been scouring the web for a mature webcam mistress I could be a slave to. I’m not what you would expect out of a slave really. I lead a normal life and I’m actually the dominant one in a lot of social events I go to. I have a secret fetish for punishment though, so I went out looking for a mistress webcam session that may give me the satisfaction I needed behind closed doors. When I met MissBetty, I knew I had found something special.

I have a huge boot fetish, so I love an older woman that can pull off a pair of combat boots well. MissBetty wears boots all the time, laced up really high so I can’t see her feet. The heels are high too, and sometimes she has me pretend to lick on them and suck on them. I like that a lot. She wears stockings underneath them to cover up even more of her sexy body. Gosh, she drives me crazy.

She did a lot of stomping activities, and at one point in time she used the boots to stomp on a banana. She told me that was my dick, and she smashed it to pieces. Parts of the banana got all over the cam, but she licked them up in the end. The whole thing was a huge turn on. That’s for sure.

Anyway, my first mistress webcam session with MissBetty was as erotic and sadistic as it could be. She had a whip by her that she kept slapping towards the camera, and she had on a corset top that pushed her breasts up toward her face. I love older women…a lot. She told me she was going to make me a good slave to her, and I strived to do so during the whole chat session.

MissBetty says she likes having younger men in her mistress webcam chats because they are easier to manipulate. I bet she could make a good slave out of an older guy too though. She has years of experience under her belt, and it shows in her slave training. She promised me some toilet training for our next meeting, so we’ll see how that goes. Now I have to get back to the real world, where people have no idea I’m the sissy boy slave to a goddess on a webcam.

Matrisse is a serious fetish cam mistress and very demanding !

Mistress camIf you are looking for a good fetish webcam experience, Matrisse can certainly show you a good time. I’ve worked with a lot of other mistresses in the past, but I can’t say I ever wanted to be a slave to any of them. They were demanding, attractive, etc, but none of them really got me begging to be taken advantage of at the end of the day. Matrisse mistress cam was different – very different. I would have talked to her for hours if I could have.

There is no denying the sex appeal with Matrisse. She has that long, dark hair that only some women can pull off without looking like total bitches. She wears shiny vinyl jumpsuits in black, so they match her hair and accentuate her body at the same time. Her zipper in the front always seems to drape down enough to give a peak of her amazing breasts without actually showing them. She’s stunning in every sense of the word.

She turned me into a good little slave during our fetish webcam session. She showed me a place in her room where she would tie me up and gag me, and she showed me all kinds of tools she would use to punish me if I was a bad little boy. You may notice I use the word “little” a lot, and that is because she says it a lot. “Be a good little boy and your master will treat you well.” I always say “Yes mistress” and shut up so I can listen to her demands.

Matrisse loves to talk about her facesitting fantasies, so she described how she would take total control of my mouth if I could see her in person. She would put her pussy right up to the camera and make me lick it for her. I imagine she would taste divine in real life.

I didn’t actually see her naked body at any point in the chat, but I didn’t need to. She forced me to tell her how sexy I thought she was, but then she denied me a chance to see more. My cock was throbbing the whole time, waiting for a release. She told me I could never see her again if I came though, so I held it in. My balls hurt so fucking bad right now, but I don’t give a shit.

She’s the perfect mistress cam. Seriously, fucking perfect. If you want to be a slave, this is the woman to work with.